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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Component Version
#2 Use GPL instead of AGPL? new task major Meta
#4 Can't register Palm conduit with 64-bit Python new wishlist major Palm OS App v0.4
#6 Error emails should include more info reopened enhancement major Core
#19 Research command line framework new wishlist major Core v0.4
#21 Improve label profile configuration options and UI new enhancement major Label Printing v0.4
#23 Refactor schema/logic/etc. to prevent old price data cruft new enhancement major Pricing v0.4
#24 Add support for multi-store pricing new enhancement major Pricing v0.4
#690 SMS Admin utility can't generate samples if Hg not installed new defect major LOC SMS Integration v0.4
#691 Product price schema needs an overhaul new defect major Core
#693 Import warning diff emails should hide sensitive fields new enhancement major Data Importing
#15 Add commands for configuring SQL Server new enhancement minor Core
#689 Add datasync status/progress display to web UI new enhancement minor Database Sync v0.4
#692 Disable autocomplete when editing user new enhancement minor Web App
#694 Import warning diff emails should include more data points new enhancement minor Data Importing
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